3 Night Family Camps 2019


3 Night Family Camps

Your adventure starts Thursday evening and goes through Sunday morning brunch.

Parents will have a special time in the mornings with guest teachers where you will experience powerful, inspiring messages and teaching. At the same time, kids will have their own time with counselors learning valuable faith lessons, play games, and other camp adventures!

There will be plenty of time for togetherness with family, friends (old and new), and the Lord! These long weekend camps are a great way to fit into busy work and family schedules, and experience the power of God at work in your life.

Camp Week #1    June 20-23 – “Overcome!”
Jesus has overcome the world. Even when we have not. Especially when we have not! Come explore how the Holy Spirit helps us in times of Fear, Anger, Anxiety and Depression.

Our Guest Teacher, Steve Thomason, has had two passions in life. First, to study and grow in the knowledge and teaching of the Gospel and scripture. Second, he is a visual artist, specializing in drawing, painting, animation, and humorous illustration. He will bring the Gospel to life in visual ways that will surprise, excite, and inspire you.

He is married to Lona, has four grown children, and is the Family Faith pastor at Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan, MN.

Camp Week #2    June 27-30 – “Keeping Youth in the Faith”
Kyle loves creating community through the study of Scripture, and has done this at colleges, seminaries, and in the church. He will help us explore new ways God is at work in the world, especially with and through the next generation.

Our Guest Teacher, Kyle Fever, is married to Laura, has four children, and is serving as the Director of the Nexus Institute at Grandview University and teaching New Testament and Biblical studies in the Master’s Institute Seminary.

Join us for an experience your whole family can enjoy and have an experience with an eternal impact! Get away together with the Lord where you can create memories that will last a lifetime!

To Register, you will need to:
1. Choose a week
2. Select housing preferences (see list here)
3. Call Shelli (320) 846-2744 or Register online.
Or use Printable Registration Form: 3 Night Family Camp 2019

A $300 nonrefundable deposit is needed to hold your reservation.

Newcomers will receive a $100 discount off their registration.
Special scholarships may also be available based on need and availability.
Contact Shelli for more information.