2019 Summer Family Camp Rates


The following information is a summary that can help you add up the total family investment as you register. If you register online, it will guide you through the fees and automatically calculate the total. Or if you prefer, call our registrar, Shelli at (320) 846-2744 ext 5, and she will be glad to guide you through it.

When registering, you have four areas to choose options that will fit your family: 
1) your Week
2) your Meal Plan
3) your Housing
4) your Program Fees

Each section below helps explain it in more detail.

1) Choosing your camp week
First, you select the date or length of camp week or weekend you’re interested in:
3 nights:
June 20-23
June 27-30
5 nights:
June 30-July 5
July 7-12
6 nights:
July 13-19
July 20-26
July 27-August 2

2)  Select Housing – Families come in a lot of different sizes and shapes! We have a wide variety of housing to fit your needs. All housing options include private bathrooms. Some cabins include kitchens. If you are staying in a cabin, linens are available for $8/person.

Tier Description # of Guests Cost 3/5/6 nights
Tier 1 Lodge Rooms 1-5 $399/$625/$799
Tier 2 New Cabins 4-6 $449/$749/$899
Tier 3 Remodeled Cabins 1-6 $299/$499/599
Tier 4 Traditional Cabins 1-7 $249/$425/499
Tier 5 RV and Trailer Sites  NA $125/$199/$239
Tier 6 Tent Sites  NA $75/$125/$149
Tier 7 Call for Commuter Rates  NA Call

3)  Meal Plans –
3 night camps have ALL-INCLUSIVE meals.
Adults (14 & over) are $95 per person
Youth (5-13) are $55 per person
Toddlers are free

For the 5 and 6 night camps, you may choose from two meal plans. The American Plan is ALL-INCLUSIVE meals, while the Mount Carmel plan includes most meals, but excludes breakfast and some evening meals (see details below). Some cabins include kitchens which guests can use to prepare their own meals, or you may go offsite.

American Plan (ALL-INLCUSIVE) Adults (14&up) Youth (4-13) Toddlers
Includes all meals, beginning with Saturday (6 night) or Sunday (5 night) evening and ending with Friday’s noon meal. $155 (5 night)
$185 (6 night)
$80 (5 night)
$105 (6 night)
Mount Carmel Plan (9 meals) Adults (14&up) Youth (4-13) Toddlers
Includes the noon meals (Monday–Friday),
6 night camps include evening meals on Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday and Brunch on Sunday.
5 night camps include evening meals on Sunday, Thursday.
 $95 (5 night)
$110 (6 night)
$50 (5 night)
$65 (6 night)

4) Program Fee:
The program fee helps provide quality programs for all ages.
For 3 night camps, the Program Fee is $75 per person, $300 maximum.
For 5 night camps, the Program Fee is $100 per person, $400 maximum.
For 6 night camps, the Program Fee is $125 per person, $500 maximum.

We are thankful for the donations we receive from our supporters, which help cover half the cost of you coming to camp. It is with the strong and faithful support of people like you and many others that this ministry is able to operate and bless everyone that comes to Mount Carmel throughout the year. God bless you!

Discounts or Scholarships may be available. New for 2019: A 25% discount on fees for families new to Mount Carmel. Call for more information. 

Commuter Rates:  Local commuters and visitors are welcome to come and take part in programming. All visitors must register at the Lodge before taking part in any programming. Daily rates are available, with or without meals.

See our Expectations for Housing and Facility Use