About Mount Carmel Ministries


Mount Carmel Ministries is a place of rest, renewal, and recreation where people experience Jesus.

Founded by the Lutheran Bible Institute of Minneapolis as their summer teaching ministry in 1938, Mount Carmel Ministries became an independent ministry in 1988.

We accomplish our mission of sharing Jesus Christ through these primary areas of ministry:


Family Camps

We have five to seven weeks of summer family camp for all ages, from infants to seniors. Each day begins with a morning praise with interactive worship centered around the Daily Texts. Morning teaching and activities follow for all ages, including nursery care.

The adults study with a speaker, often a Bible professor, pastor, or topical teacher for the week. Youth take part in uplifting worship and age appropriate Bible lessons with summer staff youth counselors.

Everyone meets back together with their family for lunch. Afternoons have a variety of activities available including the beach, games, boating, arts and crafts, tours, just to name a few. After dinner the evening programs may include worship, communion, vespers, campfires, talent shows, concerts, and games.

Reid Group

Adult Camps (also called Elderversities)

It’s camp weeks designed for adults (55+) and seniors, held for three or five day sessions at Mount Carmel.

Similar to Summer Family Camps, these camps are geared toward in-depth learning with expert Bible teachers, exciting activities, and opportunities for meeting others and growing in faith.

Why should the kids have all the fun?

We provide special retreat and workshop opportunities, summer Sunday Worship and Brunches, concerts, events, and personal cabin rentals or retreats for individuals, families, reunions, as well as facilities for weddings, funerals, and baptisms.

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Retreat and Conference Center

Mount Carmel is a year-round destination for your retreat, conference, business or family event. Mount Carmel Ministries is the peaceful destination your group or event is searching for.

The chapel is a wonderful venue for large meetings, able to seat 300 people, with multimedia capabilities, flexible seating, and air conditioning. Additional meetings spaces on the lower level provide classroom and board room type facilities with modern technology – audio, video, and internet capabilities.

Our lodge includes a custom food service, seating for 200 people, a library, lounge, sauna, and flexible meeting space. Ten hotel like, air conditioned lodge rooms make it a great place for smaller groups if needed. Additional housing, depending on the season, can expand housing options with 35 cabins, from traditional to modern styled accommodations.

Daily Texts

We publish a devotional booklet that contains a collection of Bible verses and prayers for each day of the year.

The tradition of Daily Texts began in 1722 when Nicolaus Ludwig Count von Zinzendorf provided shelter for religious refugees arriving from Bohemia and Moravia. This community of believers shared morning and evening devotions, consciously placing their lives under the Lord’s watch.

On May 3, 1728, Zinzendorf gave his congregation a watchword or verse for the help shape the conversation in the homes. Thus began the practice of Daily Texts. Mount Carmel uses the daily versions from Moravians, adds a daily prayer, hymns, and other devotional materials, into this wonderful devotional booklet made available each year. Visit the online store to buy one today.

Mount Carmel Ministries connects with and relates to other outdoor ministries through the Christian Camp & Conference Association and Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Network.