Staff & Leadership

Year-Round Staff

Tim Peterson
Executive Director
(extension 5)

David Blackstad
Program Director &
Dean of Students
(extension 7)

Heidi Knauf
Operations Director
(extension 3)

Jackie Gertken
Office Manager
(extension 4)

Shae Smith
(extension 2)

Pam Hovland
Office Volunteer

Steven Wagner
Gap Year Director 

Jenny Schwieters

Hospitality Coordinator 

Board of Trustees

The Mount Carmel Ministries Board of Trustees consists of eleven men and women who are elected by the Proclaimers (voting members of Mount Carmel). Each year at our Annual Meeting, the Board of Trustee candidates are elected, each for a three year term.

Ken Birst (Vice Chair)
Bismarck, ND

Kim Deterding (Treasurer) 
Alexandria, MN

Joanna Green 
Alexandria, MN

Micah Johnson
Hawley, MN

Nijhar Jharia Minz
Minneapolis, MN

Paige Knorek (Secretary)
Lake Park, MN

Marcella Nelson (Board Chair)
Brookfield, WI

David Schmidgall 
Hancock, MN

Dean Rostad 
Camrose, AB

Dave Wollan
Hutchinson, MN 

Martha Hanson
Morris, MN

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