Building New Cabins

We're Building New Cabins!

At the end of 2020, Mount Carmel received a gift enabling us to begin a major building program. We will soon be breaking ground for seven new buildings:

  • Two Duplexes on the North Ridge
  • One Single bedroom handicap accessible cabin on the Lakeside Ridge
  • Four two bedroom cabins on the Lakeside Ridge, one of which will be handicap accessible
The two new duplexes will be very similar to our existing duplexes. Each side of each duplex will have two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. Each duplex will have two separate units that can be used by separate families. But they will also be connected with a double door that can be locked from each side, so that both sides of the duplex can be used by an extended family. The new duplexes will be located on the north end of the ridge, overlooking the soccer field.
We will be removing seven of the existing cabins on the Lakeside Ridge and replacing them with five larger cabins. These cabins that are being removed were all built in 1938, when Mount Carmel was founded. 
These five cabins will not have kitchens, but they will have living rooms. The one bedroom cabin and the first two bedroom cabin will be handicap accessible. We are designing the exterior of these cabins to fit in with the older cabins that will still remain. 

Two Bedroom Floor Plan (Handicap Accessible)

One Bedroom Floor Plan (Handicap Accessible)

Two Bedroom Floor Plan 

The proposed location of the new tennis/pickle-ball court is to the northwest of the Chapel parking lot, on your right as you drive into Mount Carmel.
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