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Covid-19 Information

Mount Carmel’s Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic

There are some special challenges this year. We are facing a great deal of uncertainty with the COVID-19 epidemic. The staff at Mount Carmel and the Mount Carmel Board of Trustees are determined to provide as much spiritual encouragement as we possibly can, both here on-site at Mount Carmel and through programming over the internet.

Here are the highlights of our plan:


1.     We have not canceled any of our family weeks or adult weeks. Our intention is to move forward with all these events, if possible. It is our intention to follow the rules of social distancing for the State of Minnesota that are in effect at the time the week is held. We may have to reduce the total number of people that we can have at camp because of the extra burden on our food services and the need to do more complete cleaning of the cabins between each time the cabin is occupied. We may have to hold all or most of our sessions outside. We are determined to be flexible and to adjust to the situation as it changes.


2.     We have modified our refund policy. Normally Mount Carmel has a non-refundable deposit. For 2020 we plan to refund the full amount an individual or group has paid, if the cancellation is made at least 2 weeks before the date the event is scheduled.


3.     We are going to work hard at keeping a COVID-19 exposure away from Mount Carmel. But if does happen that anyone here is diagnosed with COVID-19 we are committed to informing all our guests that it has happened.


4.     If we cannot use our dining room, we are planning to deliver meals to the cabins. If we can use our dining room, but you would prefer to eat in your cabin, we will still deliver food to your cabins. And, of course, many of our cabins have kitchens and you can choose to bring your own food.


5.     We realize that it might be best for high risk people not to come to camp. Please consider your own situation. We would love to have you here. If you can’t come this summer, we will look forward to seeing you in the future.


6.     We will keep you informed of changes, here on our website, through Facebook, and with regular e-mails.


7.     Please pray for us – for protection from the illness, for guidance, for wisdom, for the blessing of God to come to Mount Carmel and the entire Mount Carmel family! May this be a time when we know God’s Power and Love! A time when we can encourage one another! A time of listening to God’s Word and celebrating Jesus Only!


8.  We will be physically distanced this summer – but we are not going to be spiritually distanced! It might be a very different experience this summer – but we believe that God can make it a very special blessing!

Mount Carmel has a detailed COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, as required by the State of Minnesota. You can find the plan below.