3 Night Family Camp Options

Timing: Thursday evening through Sunday morning brunch. These long weekend camps are a great way to fit camp into busy work and family schedules and experience the power of God at work in your life.

Camp #1 June 25-28
Running the Race
Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack Director -
Dave Gunnlaugsson


“Let us set aside every sin and run with endurance the race set before us”. In this mini week we will dive into God’s Vision for our lives and the race he calls us to run! Dave has a deep heart for Jesus and loves the hope and freedom of the Gospel!  Dave has been with the Feed My Starving MobilePack team for the past eight years. Prior to FMSC Dave served as a Pastor and Church Planter in Wisconsin and worked in Event and Outdoor Ministry and travels the country speaking to students.  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Luther College and a Master’s of Divinity from Denver Seminary. Dave lives in Wisconsin with his two incredible kiddos Isaac and Sylvie!

5 Night Family Camp Options

Timing: Sunday evening through Friday morning breakfast buffet. We’ll provide plenty of time for togetherness with family, friends (old and new), and God!

Camp Week #2 June 29 - July 3: “A Vision of Scripture”
Tim Peterson and Paul Oman
Mike Pierson - Guest Musician

Executive Director Tim Peterson will recite the Gospel of Mark and present teaching materials to give us an extremely focused and refined understanding of the overview of the Gospel of Mark. Pastor/Artist Paul Oman will join Tim for the week, highlighting Tim’s teachings with art and insights. Paul will paint one of his beautiful murals on Monday night, June 29.

6 Night Family Camp Options

Timing: Saturday evening through Friday morning breakfast buffet. We’ll provide plenty of time for togetherness with family, friends (old and new), and God!

Camp Week #3 July 4 - 10: “Running the Race, God's Vision for our Lives"
Carl Billings- Guest Teacher
Peder and Allison Eide - Guest Musicians

How do Paul’s journeys inform us on God’s Vision for the races we run in our daily lives? Join Pastor Billings in exploring Paul’s missionary journeys and the various races he ran. Even in the most dire circumstances Paul points to Jesus Only. 

Camp Week #4 July 11 - 17: “The Psalms as Tools for Prayer”
Kathryn Schifferdecker - Guest Teacher
Milt and Andrew Scott - Guest Musicians

The Psalms explore the depths and the heights of human existence. They thus have been used for thousands of years by both synagogue and church in liturgy and song. We will explore how the Psalms can guide our own prayers in the midst of life, with all its sorrows, longings, joys, and thanksgivings. We will discuss how these ancient prayers can inform our own lives of faith and become for us a living Word of God. 

Camp Week #5 July 18 - 24: “We Are Family”
Brian and Michelle Spahr - Guest Teachers & Co-Worship Leaders
Todd Miller - Guest Teachers & Co-Worship Leaders

God wants relationship with us. That has always been true. You can see it in the creation story in Genesis all the way through the end of the Bible in Revelation. There are several types of relationships – friendships, business associates, acquaintances… but none of these really capture what God is after. Instead, God thinks of and treats us as family. What might it look like to treat ourselves fully as members of the family of God? Join us as we explore together, through scripture, stories and experiences.

Camp Week #6 July 25 - 31: “Ready for Vision”
Nathan and Joy Hoff - Guest Teachers and Musicians
Dave Wollan - Guest Preacher

Exploring and applying 5 Kinds of Gifts God uses to help us see more clearly: WORD, PRAYER, COMMUNITY, SABBATH and SPIRITUAL GIFTS.