Mount Carmel Campus

Mount Carmel was founded in 1938 by young adults for young adults. It was built with the mission of Bible education, spiritual growth, prayer, and training in service to God in whatever career one was called to. In 2023, Mount Carmel embarks on a new Mission to reinvigorate this mission and ministry in partnership with Christ College.

Summer Ministry Staff Incentive

Mount Carmel is offering a room and board match for any campus student participants who serve on Mount Carmel’s Summer Ministry Staff. First year Summer Ministry Staffers earn monthly. salaries which average out to approximately $300 per six day work week. A typical Summer Ministry staff member can expect to spend at least eight weeks working for Mount Carmel. This would mean Mount Carmel would discount the cost of room and board for Summer Ministry staff joining as a campus student participate bu $2,400.

Discover your God given gifts & study the Word in Christ-centered community.

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