Organizations Mount Carmel is Associated With

Christ College – Mount Carmel is a campus for Christ College, a 4-year college that offers all of its courses online. Christ College students live at Mount Carmel and participate in the Christian community here while they are attending their online courses.

Christ College offers the following majors: Humanities, Entrepreneurial Studies, Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Ministry, and the History of Religions.

You can read more about Christ College’s partnership with Mount Carmel here

The Awaken ProjectBe awakened. Be disciples. Be Jesus. The Awaken Project is a gap year discipleship program for young adults who are 18 to 25. Participants study God’s Word and gain ministry experience. Much of the program is held at Mount Carmel. Participants also participate in the weekend Quake youth events sponsored by Life Promotions. See and

The Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute – Mount Carmel was founded by the Lutheran Bible Institute, which used to have schools in Minneapolis, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Now the only remaining LBI school is in Camrose, Alberta. See

The World Mission Prayer League – A fellowship at prayer, gathered in service to the mission of God in the world. The World Mission Prayer League has been closely associated with Mount Carmel. We try to have a missionary-in-residence from the Prayer League at each of our weeks of Family Camp. See

Ground Up Grace – This is the organization that produces The Daily Texts that we use at Mount Carmel. Ground Up Grace has a daily podcast encouraging people to meditate on each day’s passages from the Old and New Testaments. See

Trinity Greenhouse, The Internship Program of Trinity Lutheran Church, San Pedro, California – Mount Carmel is dedicated to building discipleship opportunities for young adults. We believe that serving on our Summer Ministry Staff is a wonderful discipleship opportunity. We cooperate with The Awaken Project to provide a 9-month discipleship training program. Many young adults from Mount Carmel have also participated in this internship program at Trinity in San Pedro. See

The Christian Camping and Conference Association – Mount Carmel is a member of this nationwide group of Christian camps and conference centers. See

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