What We Believe

Mount Carmel’s theme is “Jesus Only.”

Jesus Christ is at the center of our faith and teaching. Jesus died for us on the cross. In the death and resurrection of Jesus we receive forgiveness, life, grace, freedom, and all of God’s blessings! 

We celebrate the beautiful place God has given us here at Mount Carmel – the lake, the woods, the wonderful buildings. We enjoy all the fun activities here, but we are more than a camp, a resort, or a fun place to be. We are a movement that calls people to awakening and renewal in God’s Word.

In order for you to understand who we are and how Mount Carmel started, we encourage you to read about Mount Carmel’s Heritage of Faith.

We encourage everyone coming to Mount Carmel to be familiar with our teaching guidance. This is what you can expect from our teachers, our preachers, and all our ministry staff.

Mount Carmel has a Statement of Faith, which was adopted by the Mount Carmel Board in 2005. 

At Mount Carmel, we focus on “Jesus Only.” Here is a description of what that means

One of the ways we listen to God’s Word is by using The Daily Texts.

Here are some of the organizations we are associated with

This is a description of how Mount Carmel was given it name


Click here to read about Mount Carmel’s Heritage of Faith.

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