Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mount Carmel Campus?

Mount Carmel is offering a place for college students to learn, study, earn their degrees and grow in their faith as part of a vibrant and active Christian Community in partnership with Christ College. Students will complete all of their coursework, instruction, and degree programs online while participating in an in-person Christian community. Students will participate in daily Bible study and prayer, get connected with local congregations to worship with on Sunday mornings, participate in campus outings and events, as well as benefiting from the encouragement and energy of learning in community.

Students who want to attend Christ College will apply for enrollment. Students who want to live here must also apply for Mount Carmel residency. We will only accept students who express a desire to be a part of the Christ-centered community we are forming and who agree to follow our code of conduct.

Why Introduce this New Ministry? 

We believe that this is a ministry God is calling this organization into. Since 1938, Mount Carmel has been part of recognizing a deep need for the next generation of healthy leadership in the church, nation, and world.

Especially in the movements Mount Carmel has been a part of, there has been a recognition in the church of lack of leadership development, especially in the younger generations. In the last couple of decades, we have watched various organizations – such as the Lutheran Bible Institute, Youth Encounter, and Lutheran Renewal – close their doors with finality. We have watched colleges of the church change their mission, values, and goals. Especially, in the last 50 years, there have been massive distractions and fixations on a few issues. These issues have taken our eye off the ball.

These issues have taken our eye off the ball of evangelism and outreach. They have taken our eye off the ball of equipping and leadership development. Not just the competencies of leadership, but the character of leadership too. Now more than ever, Mount Carmel recognizes itself as a place that young people can try on leadership in a space of grace. Mount Carmel is a place young people can grow in and grow in wholeness. It is a place to test of ministry in lay and professional capacities. Mount Carmel is a leadership pipeline through which the future leaders of the church and community can grow and address stuff.

Mount Carmel is part of Christ’s redemptive plan and the leaders that will serve faithfully. holding forth the Word of God will come from places like Mount Carmel. Recognizing this important role and legacy, Mount Carmel is creating a college campus honoring and upholding “Jesus Only.”

What is Christ College? 

Christ College is an accredited four-year undergraduate school that is a part of the Institute of Lutheran Theology. Christ College has no campus. All of Christ College’s courses are taught online. With this partnership college students will enroll in Christ College’s academic program and take their online courses while living together in a Christ-centered community at Mount Carmel. Christ College’s professors will visit Mount Carmel so that they can become better acquainted with their students.

Christ College now offers six majors: Biblical Studies, Ministry, Theology, History of Religion, Humanities, and Entrepreneurial Studies. The college is planning to offer more majors in the future. Christ College is currently a small school, but has potential for great growth, and it sees its partnership with Mount Carmel as an important step in reaching more students.

Here is Christ College’s vision: Centered in the Word of God and the Cross of Christ, students will be grounded in the Bible, rooted in the classical Christian tradition, understand the contemporary cultural horizon, and think critically in the proclamation and advancement of the Gospel.

At Christ College you will be invited to embark on an educational journey that will prepare you for the life God has called you to live. Christ College’s curriculum is rooted in the Western intellectual and theological tradition, allowing you to gain the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill your purpose. Christ College is a completely online school with small class sizes, live interactive lectures with professors, and student services. In partnership with Mount Carmel students now can live in community while attending classes online.

How Can I Pray For Mount Carmel Campus? 

+ That God would raise up the future leaders of the church at Mount Carmel and places like it.
+ Thank God for preserving and protecting places like Mount Carmel.
+ That God would raise up supporters for this place and its mission. People who see the good soil of Mount Carmel
and recognize the seeds of faith God so generously plants here.
+ That God would raise up people captivated by the mission of Mount Carmel.
+ That God would grant wisdom to the leaders of Mount Carmel and grant blessing over this place.

How Will this Impact Mount Carmel Ministries? 

The first year of this program can accept a maximum of 40 students. This allows for Mount Carmel’s regular fall, winter, and spring events to continue on in their current form with reduced capacities. We plan to accept more students in the future and should that be the case other events will be impacted. 

It is important to note that this program has no impact on Mount Carmel’s family camps and summer staff experience. 

For years Mount Carmel has sought ways of stewarding the generous gifts and contributions from the generations of supporters more fully year round. This program is a critical step toward honoring the intention of those gifts.

In the last few years Mount Carmel has partnered with The Awaken Project which is an independent organization housed at Mount Carmel. There are cabins and spaces reserved for The Awaken Project and this campus launch should only have positive impacts their experience. 

How Do I Apply?

Our application will be live! Click here to apply. For additional questions, please contact our Dean of Students, David Blackstad, for more information. He can be reached at or 320-815-5208.

Are There Scholarship Opportunities?

Summer Ministry Staff Incentive – Mount Carmel is offering a room and board match for any campus student participants who serve on Mount Carmel’s Summer Ministry Staff. First year summer ministry staffers earn monthly salaries which average out to approximately $300.00 per six day work week. A typical summer ministry staff member can expect to spend at least eight weeks working for Mount Carmel. This would mean Mount Carmel would discount the cost of room and board for summer ministry staff joining as a campus student participant by $2400.00. More information and applications for Summer Ministry Staff can be found here.

Where Will Students Live?

Students will live in the Mount Carmel Cabins that contain kitchens. Examples of these cabins can be seen in the photos below. As participants in the campus, students will have full access to the Mount Carmel property, Lodge, Saunas and Chapel.

This year we will be providing 5 meals per week for students for the 18 week semester. This is a noon meal Monday-Friday.

How Much Will this Cost? 

A donor has stepped forward with a gift of $25,000 to be used as scholarships for the first ten students to sign up for the Mount Carmel Campus and Christ College. 

Christ College’s most current tuition information can be found if you click here.

Students will pay $4500 before financial aid per semester to live at Mount Carmel. This includes the following:

+ Room in one of the beautiful colorful cabins which includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Four students will live in each of these cabins.
+ 5 Meals a week for 18 weeks – a noon meal Monday through Friday.
+ All normal student fees associated with Campus life.

What Does the Campus Look Like? 

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