Mount Carmel Volunteering

We love volunteers! We have several different ways to volunteer at Mount Carmel:


Spring V Week

We have two regular volunteer weeks each year, one in May and one in October. These have been a Mount Carmel tradition for years.

Volunteers to come and help open up non-winterized cabins in the spring, or close them up in the fall.

You can stay overnight at Mount Carmel in a Lodge Room or cabin plus enjoy the great Mount Carmel food. You’ll also enjoy fellowship, laughter, stories, and games at night with the other volunteers and staff. It really is holy hilarity!

There are a variety of jobs that can be done, depending on your gifts, but they often include, but not be limited to:


— Assisting our maintenance staff in turning water on or draining the water from the pipes

— Putting up or taking down cabin curtains, linens

— General cleaning of the cabins—sweeping, mopping bathrooms, etc.

— Outside work like setting out or taking in picnic tables, beach equipment, picking up sticks, raking, painting, scraping, landscaping, trimming, cleaning, etc.

The benefits of volunteering are tremendous!

We’d love to have you come! If you are available for this type of volunteering, please let us know at and we’ll keep you informed of any future opportunities.

The next Spring Volunteer Week is May 13-17, 2019. We will be opening up winterized cabins – general housekeeping including restocking bedding, cleaning windows, washing curtains, or outdoor work including raking, landscaping, flower gardening, sticks, and general maintenance. Let us know you are coming or if you have any questions. Meals and housing provided. Call Kierra at 320-846-2744 or email

NEW! We’re offering a Family Volunteer WEEKEND on May 17-19.
This weekend will be a fun way for families with children to come and make a difference at camp, and impact your family in powerful ways. Call Kierra at 320-846-2744 or email


RaidersWe also welcome volunteers during other times of the year to help with special projects—varying from fun office work like mailings, to fresh outdoor work like gardening, landscaping, or even calling friends of Mount Carmel about events happening on or off site.

Occasionally we do a larger construction project where we may need more skilled help as well as general laborers to help clean up, organize, or assist others.


IMG_6157During the busy summer season we may have opportunities to volunteer to help support the daily summer ministry.

There may be needs that you may have abilities or skills in that can compliment what we are doing – perhaps in the nursery, office, or with technology. We may have needs in music and the arts, with landscaping and flowers, fishing and boating.

We will work with you to see what is needed, what is possible, and how we can make it the best experience for you in using your gifts. We may or may not have housing available for volunteers, if needed. Our Summer Volunteer Coordinator, Judy Steffen, will assist volunteers throughout the summer to help you have a wondeful experience. To find out more information or if you have questions, contact Kierra at 320-846-2744 or email

We have a volunteer application form to help guide and connect and match you to the right kind of volunteering.